India has become immensely popular as a study destination for international students from all across the globe. India is not only home to some of the world's finest education institutions but also has a wide range of academic offerings to suit students from diverse backgrounds, making it one of the best study abroad destinations worldwide. In India, there is no shortage of rewarding courses you can choose from. So, if you have chosen this country as your study destination, then here is a list of the top subjects to study abroad in India.

  1. Business studies

Whether you are planning to start your own business in the future or want to gain a high-powered career in management, business studies are the way to go. Counted amongst the top subjects to study abroad in India, business studies is quite the rage amongst students from various countries worldwide. There is no shortage of premier institutions in India that provide an array of graduate, postgraduate, diploma, and doctoral courses in the subject. Courses in business studies help students hone their management and leadership skills while preparing them to tactfully approach and solve business obstacles.

  1. Engineering and technology

With the entire world becoming increasingly reliant on technology, studying engineering is a great way to open endless career opportunities. India is widely known for its prominent engineering colleges, making it one of the top subjects to study abroad in India. There are lots of great engineering courses available at Indian institutes, all of which are meticulously designed to help students attain the intellectual maturity, personal growth, and professional competence they need to make a successful career for themselves.

  1. Social science

When it comes to the top subjects to study abroad in India, social science is pretty high on the list. Numerous reputable institutes in India offer a wide range of graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in history, sociology, psychology, literature, and political science. So, there is no dearth of options for you to choose from. These courses in social science not only rigorously improve your knowledge of the subject but also enhance your analytical and critical abilities.

  1. Design

Listed amongst the top subjects to study abroad in India, a course in design is the perfect choice for those with a creative mind and an eye for detail. With a flourishing design industry both in India and the rest of the world, there is no lack of career prospects for those taking up a course in design. India houses several well-established colleges and institutes that offer a variety of courses in design with an array of specializations in fashion design, communication design, interior design, and product and accessory design.

  1. Mass communication

Perfect for those looking to transform their creativity into a successful career, mass communication has undeniably become one of the top subjects to study abroad in India. There are plenty of great institutes in India that provide a number of courses in mass communication. These courses help students in honing their abilities to design, enact, assess, facilitate and document various kinds of creative projects.

So, when choosing the subject you want to study while studying in India, keep this list in mind to make an informed choice based on your interests and aspirations.

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