It is very correctly said that “There are truly No Limits to Achieving Your Dreams” and interestingly, students from Afghanistan are the perfect example of this kind of dedication towards Higher Education in India. Over the past few years, it has been witnessed that Indian Universities are one of the major attractions for Afghan students for quality education. This number of students is increasing rapidly.

Let us delve deeper into the top reasons why Afghanistan students are flocking to India’s universities for their study abroad program:

  • Low cost of living: Indeed, many students see India as a cheap and quality option with its own set of benefits when it comes to the cost of living in comparison to other destinations like the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. In India, the necessary need for living costs such as food, accommodation, books, transportation, tuition fees of Indian Universities, etc. is quite affordable. The Indian education sector has undergone significant transformation and development, making India ideal for afghan students to pursue their higher education.
  • Easy-to-obtain visas: Many students choose India for their study abroad program because India is an immigration friendly country, and here, the procedure of applying visa for international students is quite simple.  
  • Cultural similarities: Besides offering Afghan students a better scope of education, recruitment, and better living, India is one of the most preferred ones by Afghanistan students because it has cultural similarities. India and Afghanistan have many cultural similarities in food, clothes, music and historical bonds, handicrafts, and language.
  • Better career growth: In India, Educational Institutions like Sharda University offers so many useful options to pursue career opportunities over traditional courses, usually include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Here, students have the leverage to choose 216 programmes at undergraduate and post graduate level. Pursuing any job-oriented course offered at Sharda University, Afghan students have better job prospects and career growth at an exponential rate.

Better scholarships: In India, Afghanistan students are eligible for many India Scholarship schemes, Fellowships, and grants to pursue various undergraduate and post-graduate-level courses in Educational Universities across India. In addition to scholarships, students are also offered self-financing programs to afghan students who choose to study in India.

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