Let’s understand about How Innovation Works – The several challenges faced by higher education have always been existing throughout the history of mankind but some of them have been emphasized exclusively in the 21st century due to the increasing demands of a better quality of higher education. These challenges include the shortage of skilled and experienced teaching and support staff, the several socio-cultural discourses in some countries, political instabilities, demographic imbalances and several other factors. The education systems of the respective countries that face such challenges have effectively achieved innovation in learning systems to overcome these difficulties. However, there are still some developing countries of Asia that are continuously battling political conflicts to ensure a safe educational environment even during the times of such a dire global health crisis.

The need for innovation in higher education

From several real-world cases, it has been seen that innovation in higher education is almost impossible to sustain as it dies down and fades away due to many reasons. This is why continuous creative thinking and innovation are required in higher education. Some prominent educational institutions have begun offering self-paced courses that do not have any fixed time frame of completion and are entirely dependent on the capacity and competency of the students. This type of innovation ensures that more number of students opt for higher education rather than fall victim to a system that enforces rules and regulations that often limit their capacity to innovate. Moreover, the creativity and innovation fatigue caused due to negative perspectives against academic transformation models is also a likely concern that increases the need for a better quality of innovation in higher education.

How innovation works in higher education

Innovation in higher education, according to popular author Matt Ridley, is more perspiration than inspiration. This implies that hard work rather than a sudden creative idea is the root cause of innovation in higher education. The development of innovative techniques to enhance the quality of education as well as ensure the health and safety of students in light of the recent pandemic focuses primarily on teamwork and resilience that brings to fruition long term efforts. Some developing countries of Asia like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh have not yet reached the level of technical competency to be able to achieve effective innovation in higher education and as a result, many of their students seek to complete their higher studies from abroad.

Innovative education at Sharda University

Being one of the most popular, esteemed and credible educational institutions in the developing country of India, Sharda University understands the need for continuous innovation in academics and has well-structured course layouts that bring out the true genius in such immigrant students from Afghanistan. The multicultural campus life at Sharda University along with the Sharda Launchpad provides a platform of the unique expression of the national identity of such Afghani students like nowhere else. With the additional safety of students guaranteed by the rigorous Covid-19 best practices on campus, Afghani students can finally embrace their inner talents of innovation.

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