For students seeking educational opportunities in India, there are plenty of full-time courses and majors to choose from. However, many people might prefer to study in India through distance learning means, as this provides a certain level of freedom. Distance learning education is preferred by students who are either working or otherwise unable to go to their university on a regular basis. 

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is a method of education through which students learn via alternative means such as videos, online courses, and self-study at home. And, it is characterized by students not having to be physically present at the university for the duration of study. Exams, however, are usually conducted once per semester in person. This method of study is also sometimes called correspondence learning and is an effective method to study in India through distance learning

Why study in India through distance learning?

Tertiary education in India is well developed, from management and business-oriented courses to premier medical and engineering institutes. Many colleges and universities also offer the option to study in India through distance learning for a number of their courses. 

Although higher education is already affordable in the country, students taking the route to distance learning so they have to pay much lesser fees. India has a robust distance learning system in place. Notably, the entire framework is regulated and handled by the Distance Learning Council of India. Prospective students can earn certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and even a master’s degree when they study in India through distance learning.

Importantly, if you opt to study in India through distance learning you won’t have the hassle of international travel or going through the visa process. Plus, you can complete your course from the comfort of not just your country but also your home! 

How to study in India through distance learning?

First, have a look at the top distance learning institutions in India. Go through the courses and see if there are any programmes that you would like to attempt. Additionally, you can visit the website of your university of choice and see what options they have to studying in India through distance learning. It is vital to check what kind of courses are available at the universities you have listed, as some institutes provide only diplomas and post-graduate diplomas exclusively, while others offer bachelor’s degrees only. However, with the sheer number of colleges and institutions offering an immense variety of distance learning majors, you’ll surely be able to find a programme that suits your needs. 

Often, most distance learning courses being offered by reputable universities are easily accessible and open to international students as well. If you have any doubts about your eligibility as an international student to studying in India through distance learning, then be sure to e-mail or contact the distance learning or admissions department directly.

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