The age-old debate of education vs experience has created two major schools of thought, and they are both linked to the importance of education vs experience in securing a lucrative job. In recent years, several universities have sprouted all across the world offering great and valuable courses that are either nationally or internationally accredited. Many employers give students of such universities a preference but then again, a candidate with more experience is given more value. This has been a matter of concern for educationists as well as employers and has further drawn the debate of experience or education in securing jobs in the private sector. Let’s put an eye on this debate and evaluate the pros and cons of both sides to fully understand the nature of this disparity.

The Value of Education

It has been long speculated that the education vs experience debate can be concluded with the single fact that higher education gets higher salaries in the job market. Thus, education forms an integral part of the basic foundations that constitute a valuable resume. When weighing education or experience, it is important to note that a basic educational qualification up to the high school level is usually considered a necessity for most employers in all industries. Further, higher education in a specific specialisation is considered an additional educational qualification that helps candidates apply for specialized job roles.

The Value of Experience

Experience, on the other hand, trumps education when two candidates are weighed equally for a job role. This is when the real battle of education vs experience takes place. However, in this debate of education or experience, many leaders argue that success in academics does not prove competency in real-world scenarios. This is one of the biggest reasons why experience is often given more priority. The job specification of fresh graduates, these days, also requires some meagre amount of work experience, either in the form of internships, apprenticeships or some other fieldwork.

The Best of Both Worlds?

By understanding the pros and cons associated with the debate on education vs experience, it is justifiable to state that having the best of both worlds is a likely combination for a high degree of success in professional life. For fresh graduates in the increasingly competitive job market, it is advisable that they do not compromise on education vs experience and choose a professional course that enables them to gain academic knowledge and technical expertise along with significant industry exposure.

Sharda University Ends the Debate on Education vs Experience

Sharda University, a premier educational institution of India, focuses on not just the academic excellence of students but also the all-round development of their personal as well as professional competencies. The well-structured curriculum of the courses at Sharda University allows students to build skills like creativity, teamwork and communication through industrial visits, workshops, seminars from industry experts so that they can craft a formidable resume. Such courses provided by Sharda University can effectively end students’ dilemma about experience or education.

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