Going by the tagline “The world is here, where are you”, Sharda University emphasizes the need for a global and cosmopolitan outlook to education in the modern world. The critically acclaimed Sharda Group of Institutions operates the Sharda University out of its Delhi-NCR campus and has been renowned all over India for producing one of the finest professionals in almost all fields of work. With an excellent teaching faculty aided by modern and state-of-the-art educational and academic infrastructure, Sharda University offers a wholesome and quality campus life to its students and ensures their all-round personal, academic and professional development. The university is home to Indian and all as international students from over 80 countries the world over and considers these students as their top assets. 

It is always the students that are the face of any university, and for Sharda University, this face constitutes of diverse colours, genders and ethnicities, making it a truly global campus. The Sharda Group of Institutions boasts of the current strength of over 13,000 students that are being coached by more than 1200 world-class professors. Moreover, its alumni strength since its inception in 1996 has crossed 47,500. These alumni are now established in their own fields and are prominent leaders in their own right. Read on to find out how Sharda University has now begun to be known as a truly global campus.

The multifaceted faculty of Sharda University

The diverse faculty of Sharda University is divided into a well-regarded hierarchy of Deans, Head of Departments, Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers/Tutors. They form a robust team that guides and counsels students on subjects of academic as well as professional importance. With the School of Law, School of Nursing, School of Agricultural and Basic Sciences etc., being headed by Deans with as much as 30 years and more of professional as well as academic experience and renowned the world over for their scholarly publications, students enrolling themselves to these schools of Sharda University are bound to receive the best training, guidance and tutoring possible in all of India.

Laurels and affiliations of Sharda University

It is a UGC certified university valid under the Section 22 of the UGC Act of 1956 and is also approved by several other national associations for educational affiliation like Department of Higher Education of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Council of Architecture, Dental Council of India, Medical Council of India, Pharmacy Council of India, Nursing Council of India, Bar Council of India and National Council for Teacher Education. Moreover, Sharda University is an active member of the Association of Indian Universities. Not only does Sharda University excel in providing the best possible educational experience to its students, but the university is also involved with several community welfare programs where its students are taken for field visits. Such an extra-curricular experience generates positive values among the students and makes better human beings, which is rather significant in recent years.

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