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13 Sep, 2021 Monday

How to Manage Your Expenses While Studying in India?

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Manage Expenses while Studying

With approximately 64.86% cost of living lower than the US, India is amongst the most affordable destinations for international education. Students tend to have an income-expense match. At times, they have more expenses than their…

01 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

The Best University Which Provides Student Exchange Program in India

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Student Exchange Program in India

It is surprising to note that student exchange programs have been around for centuries and have been an integral part of the sharing of cultures and knowledge in the ancient world. Scholars from ancient Greece,…

17 May, 2021 Monday

Visa Process for Study in India: A Complete Guide

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Visa process for Study in India

Studying in India is quickly becoming a progressive trend among ambitious students from middle to upper-middle-class families of Asian and African countries. This is because of the superior quality of education imparted by Indian universities…

30 Apr, 2021 Friday

5 Mistakes Students Must Avoid While Going For Study in India

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Mistakes to Avoid while Study in India

India is a great place to pursue higher education for students from various countries in Asia and Africa due to several factors. The social and economic factors present in the Indian scenario, are considered highly…

13 Apr, 2021 Tuesday

Influential Factors While Choosing An Overseas University

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Overseas Universities

Foreign education is a massive part of the global economy, with the overseas education sector having a market of nearly 14 billion USD in 2020. This seems to be trending towards even more growth with…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

Why Higher Education of Afghanistan Needs The Support of International Partners?

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 Higher Education of Afghanistan

The higher education of Afghanistan has been a challenge for the country’s government as well as its people due to several internal and external socio-economic and political factors that plague the country. Prior to the 19th century, education…

19 Feb, 2021 Friday

Maintaining the Campus Experience in The Time of Social Distancing

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Distance Learning

Unprecedented global health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, have been known to notoriously disrupt life. And, this often leads to a total upheaval in the socio-cultural norms. Disturbing life, business, and education, the 2020 Wuhan…

17 Dec, 2020 Thursday


 International  Students

Sharda University, established in the year 2009 has been known for its global learning environment with students from 85+ countries. It has been recognized by the UGC and accredited by the NAAC. The university has been designed with…

01 Dec, 2020 Tuesday

What Makes Sharda University The Most Dynamic Global Campus?

Sharda University

Going by the tagline “The world is here, where are you”, Sharda University emphasizes the need for a global and cosmopolitan outlook to education in the modern world. The critically acclaimed Sharda Group of Institutions operates the…

26 Nov, 2020 Thursday

What are The Rankings and Accreditations that Make a University Renowned and Authentic on Global Platform?

Indian Universities

Universities all over the world are affiliated to certain local as well as global rankings and accreditations that make them renowned and authentic on global platform. Countries like the USA have several ranking and accreditation…

19 Nov, 2020 Thursday

It’s Time to Take Off: Sharda University is On!

Online Classes

Since the ‘Unlock’ phase of the nationwide lockdown in India has been initiated, there have been significant relaxations in providing visas to foreign nationals of various categories. As of October 2020, all foreign nationals visiting…

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