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28 Dec, 2021 Tuesday

Top 5 Subjects to Study Abroad in India

Academic,Campus Life,Higher Education,Study Abroad
Top Subjects to Study Abroad

India has become immensely popular as a study destination for international students from all across the globe. India is not only home to some of the world's finest education institutions but also has a wide…

08 Jul, 2021 Thursday

Top University for BBA in India for Afghanistani Students

Academic,Admissions,Campus Life,Higher Education,Study Abroad
Top University for BBA in India

India is one of the most sought-after studies abroad destinations for students worldwide, especially those from Afghanistan. Students from Afghanistan consider India as an extremely preferable destination for pursuing higher education as it is cost-effective…

22 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

How to Choose the Right Study Abroad Destination?

Academic,Higher Education
 Right Study Abroad Destination

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. It not only affects the quality of your education and career prospects but also gives you an opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of a new country.…

07 Jun, 2021 Monday

How India is Assisting Afghanistan in Education Sector

Academic,Connect,Higher Education,Study Abroad
Education in Afghanistan

India and Afghanistan have shared a very strong relationship for a long time due to cultural and historical connections. India has often provided significant aid to Afghanistan for development as well as rehabilitation.  Relations between…

17 May, 2021 Monday

Visa Process for Study in India: A Complete Guide

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Visa process for Study in India

Studying in India is quickly becoming a progressive trend among ambitious students from middle to upper-middle-class families of Asian and African countries. This is because of the superior quality of education imparted by Indian universities…

30 Apr, 2021 Friday

5 Mistakes Students Must Avoid While Going For Study in India

About,Higher Education,Study Abroad
Mistakes to Avoid while Study in India

India is a great place to pursue higher education for students from various countries in Asia and Africa due to several factors. The social and economic factors present in the Indian scenario, are considered highly…

23 Apr, 2021 Friday

5 Things Every International Students Should Know About Paying For Courses

Admissions,Higher Education,Study Abroad
Paying of Course Fee Internationally

Higher education is something that is crucial in the lives of young adults. Most students strive to receive the best possible education and create better opportunities for themselves. Higher education is very important in the…

13 Apr, 2021 Tuesday

Influential Factors While Choosing An Overseas University

About,Higher Education,News,Study Abroad
Overseas Universities

Foreign education is a massive part of the global economy, with the overseas education sector having a market of nearly 14 billion USD in 2020. This seems to be trending towards even more growth with…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

Why Higher Education of Afghanistan Needs The Support of International Partners?

About,Academic,Higher Education
 Higher Education of Afghanistan

The higher education of Afghanistan has been a challenge for the country’s government as well as its people due to several internal and external socio-economic and political factors that plague the country. Prior to the 19th century, education…

10 Feb, 2021 Wednesday

Interfaith Cooperation is the Future of Higher Education

Academic,Connect,Higher Education
Higher Education Institutions

So Today we are going to discuss about Interfaith Cooperation is the Future of Higher Education. Interfaith diversity is rapidly becoming a major part of the demographics of international world-class university campuses. The focus has shifted in…

04 Feb, 2021 Thursday

Learning Science and Higher Education Change

Academic,Connect,Higher Education
Educational Technologies

Learning science and learning design along with the advancement of educational technologies have been a significant catalyst to the development of higher education in a way that it brings positive change to the entire educational…

29 Jan, 2021 Friday

Higher Education and ‘How Innovation Works’

Academic,Connect,Higher Education
Innovation in Learning Systems

Let’s understand about How Innovation Works – The several challenges faced by higher education have always been existing throughout the history of mankind but some of them have been emphasized exclusively in the 21st century due…

21 Jan, 2021 Thursday

Afghanistan’s COVID 19 Education Response

Academic,Connect,Higher Education
educational Institutions

In this blog lets understand the Afghanistan’s COVID19 education response. It has been speculated that the developing countries of Asia have faced the highest impact of the COVID-19 global health crisis. This is mostly because…

15 Jan, 2021 Friday

Fulfilling the Promise of Quality Education for Girls

Academic,Connect,Higher Education
Quality Education

Girls’ education has been a topic of hot debate in the developing countries of Asia and Africa. The socio-cultural premise of such developing countries has often been overly patriarchal. And, girls have been all the…

20 Oct, 2020 Tuesday

Reasons Why Afghanistan Students Choose India for Their Study Abroad Program

Higher Education,Study Abroad
Higher Education in India

It is very correctly said that “There are truly No Limits to Achieving Your Dreams” and interestingly, students from Afghanistan are the perfect example of this kind of dedication towards Higher Education in India. Over the…

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