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03 Mar, 2022 Thursday

How to leverage your Study Abroad Experience to Further your Career?

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Study Abroad Experience

Studying abroad and the experiences that come with it alter a person’s life in many ways. These experiences can change your career goals, understanding of your skills, and your knowledge of the industry. Many employers…

31 Jan, 2022 Monday

Here's How to Beat Homesickness While Studying Abroad

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Homesickness while studying Abroad

Homesickness refers to the feeling of distress and loneliness when you are away from home or in some unfamiliar environment. Undoubtedly, studying abroad is a whole new and exciting experience, but at the same time,…

14 Jun, 2021 Monday

How to Get Admission in an International University?

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 Admission in a  International Institute

Getting admission in an international university may seem like a daunting task, but heading off to a new country to gain education in a prestigious institution is also an exciting prospect. The opportunity offers students a chance…

07 Jun, 2021 Monday

How India is Assisting Afghanistan in Education Sector

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Education in Afghanistan

India and Afghanistan have shared a very strong relationship for a long time due to cultural and historical connections. India has often provided significant aid to Afghanistan for development as well as rehabilitation.  Relations between…

17 May, 2021 Monday

Visa Process for Study in India: A Complete Guide

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Visa process for Study in India

Studying in India is quickly becoming a progressive trend among ambitious students from middle to upper-middle-class families of Asian and African countries. This is because of the superior quality of education imparted by Indian universities…

05 Apr, 2021 Monday

How International Students Can Study in India Through Distance Learning?

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Study in India through Distance Learning

For students seeking educational opportunities in India, there are plenty of full-time courses and majors to choose from. However, many people might prefer to study in India through distance learning means, as this provides a certain level…

09 Mar, 2021 Tuesday

Let’s Put an Eye on Education vs Experience

Education vs Experience

The age-old debate of education vs experience has created two major schools of thought, and they are both linked to the importance of education vs experience in securing a lucrative job. In recent years, several universities have…

19 Feb, 2021 Friday

Maintaining the Campus Experience in The Time of Social Distancing

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Distance Learning

Unprecedented global health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, have been known to notoriously disrupt life. And, this often leads to a total upheaval in the socio-cultural norms. Disturbing life, business, and education, the 2020 Wuhan…

10 Feb, 2021 Wednesday

Interfaith Cooperation is the Future of Higher Education

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Higher Education Institutions

So Today we are going to discuss about Interfaith Cooperation is the Future of Higher Education. Interfaith diversity is rapidly becoming a major part of the demographics of international world-class university campuses. The focus has shifted in…

04 Feb, 2021 Thursday

Learning Science and Higher Education Change

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Educational Technologies

Learning science and learning design along with the advancement of educational technologies have been a significant catalyst to the development of higher education in a way that it brings positive change to the entire educational…

29 Jan, 2021 Friday

Higher Education and ‘How Innovation Works’

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Innovation in Learning Systems

Let’s understand about How Innovation Works – The several challenges faced by higher education have always been existing throughout the history of mankind but some of them have been emphasized exclusively in the 21st century due…

25 Jan, 2021 Monday

The Integration of Learning Design and Public Health

Educational Institutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an inevitable and indefinite requirement for incorporating matters of public health and safety into all aspects and walks of life. Business and other professional activities across the world now need…

21 Jan, 2021 Thursday

Afghanistan’s COVID 19 Education Response

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educational Institutions

In this blog lets understand the Afghanistan’s COVID19 education response. It has been speculated that the developing countries of Asia have faced the highest impact of the COVID-19 global health crisis. This is mostly because…

19 Jan, 2021 Tuesday

Principles for Integrating Soft Skills into Formal Education Systems

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Higher Education

Modern problems require modern solutions. And, these solutions are usually developed with the use of exemplary soft skills by exceptional leaders. Renowned educational institutions in developed countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have…

15 Jan, 2021 Friday

Fulfilling the Promise of Quality Education for Girls

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Quality Education

Girls’ education has been a topic of hot debate in the developing countries of Asia and Africa. The socio-cultural premise of such developing countries has often been overly patriarchal. And, girls have been all the…

11 Jan, 2021 Monday

How to Rapidly Improve Learning Outcomes at System Level?

Learning and Education

The success of a nation’s education is not just characterized by the existing educational infrastructure but several other factors need to be considered to understand ways and means of improvement of the overall learning and education at…

07 Jan, 2021 Thursday

Financing our Future: Financing Education during COVID-19

Educational Infrastructure

Financial structures during the Covid-19 pandemic have been completely devastated both at the national as well as international level. This has seemingly taken a severe toll on the financing activities required for education and the…

04 Jan, 2021 Monday

Realizing the Right to Education During the Global Health Crisis

Affordable Education

The right to education has been a topic of significant speculation and international debate since the beginning of the 21st century. Several diplomats and advocates of free and fair education have put forth their motions regarding…

28 Dec, 2020 Monday

Teacher Leadership in the Time of COVID-19

Online Method of Teaching

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a total halt in all businesses around the world due to the disruption and closure of brick and mortar stores. However, during such a global health crisis, teaching and…

25 Nov, 2020 Wednesday

What Attracts International Students to Studying in India?

International Students

India is a country with thousands of years old civilization, culture, heritage, diversity and is an excellent destination for international students for academics. India is also famous for its ancient education system and some of the oldest…

19 Nov, 2020 Thursday

It’s Time to Take Off: Sharda University is On!

Online Classes

Since the ‘Unlock’ phase of the nationwide lockdown in India has been initiated, there have been significant relaxations in providing visas to foreign nationals of various categories. As of October 2020, all foreign nationals visiting…

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