Studying abroad and the experiences that come with it alter a person’s life in many ways. These experiences can change your career goals, understanding of your skills, and your knowledge of the industry. Many employers find studying abroad beneficial. It is up to you to effectively bank on your personal and professional growth after studying abroad.

Studying abroad experience has a significant impact on individuals at academic and professional levels. By being exposed to the extremities, adversities and new environment of studying abroad, students will not only be more flexible in adapting to the new environment but also acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities that will be useful in any professional environment. Therefore, when looking for a job, it is important to incorporate your study abroad experience into your resume, cover letter, and job interview. To stand out from other candidates, you need to learn to effectively convey the unique skills and experience gained.

Emphasise your experience

Make a note of the skills you have learned or used abroad to create a concise and concrete example for your potential employer.

 Flexibility and Adaptability: Did you show cultural flexibility? How did you learn to adapt to the norms and communicate effectively with your new colleagues and employers?

Ingenuity: Have you developed a useful product or program with limited resources?

Language Skills: Are you fluent in other languages ​​now? Is this language useful for future prospects? The ability to learn a new language shows the ability to learn quickly.

Patience and Resilience: Spending days, weeks, months, or more in another culture can be both exciting and tiring. Share stories about how you dealt with stress and challenges.

Courage and Confidence: Emphasise examples of unique solutions to problems that require quick and original thinking. Travelling to other countries can be difficult at first. This gives you an edge over other candidates because you know how to work in extraordinary situations.

Resume and cover letter

Customise your resume for each position you apply for. If language skills and marketing are the desired skills for job listings, use specific examples such as "Developing International Marketing Projects in Two Languages ​​to Increase Online Awareness by 60%". Studying abroad will be a cherry on top of your resume and will add a lot.

In Addition to the Cover letter

Emphasise your experience abroad and show that you have the skills you need for that role and that you bring a good work ethic. Please elaborate on some of the program's main achievements and how they relate to future positions.

 Self-reliant and honed decision-making skills

 If you travel alone, you will gain independence and learn to think for yourself. Conversely, when travelling in groups, you learn to listen to others and improve your teamwork skills. Both of these social bits of intelligence are passed on to careers in many industries, strengthening the skills to become reliable and productive for new hires.


By forging connections with individuals working in the industry you’re interested in, you can learn a great deal about potential career paths. The key is to network all the time - not just when you’re seeking employment. This is something that students who stay away from hometown conveniently adapt to.

Why choose Sharda University?

Sharda University in Greater Noida gives a lot of opportunities to international students. The university ensures that all students are treated with equality and every student has a plethora of chances while they are here. Thus, the student goes back skilled and trained for the future.

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