India is a great place to pursue higher education for students from various countries in Asia and Africa due to several factors. The social and economic factors present in the Indian scenario, are considered highly favourable for students coming from Asian and African countries. This is because many of these countries have a similar cultural and historical background as that of India. However, there are some mistakes to avoid while study in India that students coming from the aforementioned and other regions need to keep in mind. Let’s take a closer look at what these mistakes are and how foreign students can overcome such challenges when studying in India.

  1. Always have your Letter of Acceptance handy

Although this may seem like a trivial mistake, having your Letter of Approval/Acceptance with you at all times before securing admission is considered safe. By doing this, you can avoid unnecessary hassles at the airport counters as well as if questioned by policing authorities, although the latter is extremely rare in India.

  1. Don’t miss out on any documents

When applying to Indian universities, never miss out on any of your crucial documents like passport, visa or any other educational documents. This is one of the major mistakes to avoid while study in India. Most educational institutes in India will not consider your application without these documents.

  1. Details of your sponsor

Although most Indian private universities do not require this information in much detail, it is wise to have it with you. This is, however, not relevant for foreign students who aim to acquire scholarships to study in India. For students studying with the help of financial support from their parents, not having details of the sponsor would be one of the crucial mistakes.

  1. Respect the Indian culture and heritage

As students studying in the country, you need to learn to accept the extremely warm hospitality and collectivist nature of the Indian people and rejecting it would be a mistake. Some foreign students often find this annoying. And, this is one of the common mistakes to avoid while study in India. They must remember that such an attitude of the Indian people is all in good nature and without any malicious intentions.

  1. Other common mistakes made by foreign students

Despite all the warmth, there are certain things that foreign students need to be mindful of, which are fraudsters and drug peddlers. These can be quite common in some areas and foreign students should mingle well with their native peers to know how to avoid such people.

Colourful college life in India

Once you have been acquainted with all the mistakes to avoid while study in India, you can be assured of a smooth, memorable and colourful college life during your educational rendezvous in India. Basking in the glory of the Indian culture as well as assimilating the quality education imparted at Indian Universities is indeed an experience of a lifetime.

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